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Dressing the part for the Calgary Stampede

Days before my first Stampede, I bought cowboy boots and a thrift-store hat before taking in a rodeo in Strathmore last June.

Calgary Herald・July 4, 2015


Banff's equipped campsites make roughing it a bit easier

“It’s probably better if you stick your marshmallow above the coals, not the flames,” suggests Brennah McKirdy.

Calgary Herald・July 31, 2014


 Why men are ashamed to tame those unruly eyebrows

Thanks to my father’s genes, I’m tall and have broad shoulders. But I also have his bushy eyebrows.

Toronto Star ・October 24, 2013


Toronto contra dancing group attracts the young and old (includes radio story)

Each month, a group dances to a live country band just steps from the Toronto subway 

Toronto Observer ・March 23, 2012



Crunching on crickets: Toronto food event aims to shatter our distaste

 Bugs could be the next great food source in the world if more people would get over an aversion to insects

Toronto Star・October 29, 2013


Millennials go back to school to learn basic life skills

Cooking one of the many continuing education courses popular with 19- to 35-year-old generation

Toronto Star ・May 2, 2013


Paleolithic eaters find community at breakfast (PDF link)

The caveman diet attracts a very modern group of people

Montreal Gazette・October 15, 2011


ManChef teaches Toronto men cooking basics

Toronto chef’s classes help senior men master the kitchen

Toronto Star ・May 2, 2013




 Chasing Santa Claus in Switzerland

 Centuries-old night parade draws 20,000 visitors to sleepy mountainside town

Toronto Star ・November 15, 2012


Christmas Travel: Unusual holiday traditions around the world

From setting public property ablaze to roller-skating at dawn, people worldwide have charmingly unconventional ways to celebrate Christmas

Toronto Star ・November 15, 2012