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Herald investigation reveals cracks in Canada's strategy to combat homegrown terrorism

A year-long investigation shows Canada's strategy to stop domestic terrorism and radicalization among the country's Muslim population has some serious weaknesses.

Calgary Herald・September 29, 2015


Black cars and troubling questions: A Canadian's travails under anti-terrorism surveillance

Canadian police straddle a thin line each day, between maintaining national security and stigmatizing communities most affected by homegrown terrorism.

Calgary Herald・September 30, 2015


'Everybody can be radicalized'

How an everyday Canadian stunned the country as a terroris. 

Calgary Herald・September 30, 2015


Radicalization tears apart Canadian families

When Canadians become radicalized and embrace a violent ideology, it can tear families apart and turn to tragedy.

Calgary Herald・October 1, 2015


RCMP may struggle to recreate the success of community groups in stopping extremism

Community and church groups have been intervening to "disengage" radicalized Canadians, but RCMP attempts to do the same may prove difficult, say experts.

Calgary Herald・October 2, 2015


Delay of national terrorism intervention strategy prompts local upstarts

Canada’s national anti-terrorism intervention strategy has been delayed another year, with the government saying Tuesday it expects a rollout in late 2015.

Calgary Herald・April 1, 2015


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Liberal government may not compensate men convicted under anti-gay laws, FOI suggests

Documents obtained by Xtra found that there are 6,000 sentences under buggery and gross indecency laws that could be reviewed, but no word on if it will extend beyond 1969

Daily Xtra・November 3, 2016


Michael Zehaf-Bibeau's body buried in Libya, says cousin

The body of Oct. 22 gunman Michael Zehaf-Bibeau has been buried in Libya, the Citizen has learned.

Ottawa Citizen・February 26, 2015


Gun grabbing prompted ceremonial guard security probe

A month before a soldier was shot dead at the National War Memorial, a series of security incidents prompted an internal investigation into guards’ safety.

Ottawa Citizen・January 25, 2015


Neglected housing complex grapples with wandering children

Shaganappi Village made headlines in May after a Caucasian family claimed they were being harassed by neighbours from other ethnic backgrounds.

Calgary Herald・July 20, 2015