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I have reported from across Europe on elections, riots and how people's lives are affected by policy decisions. I've also delved into Canada's efforts at reconciling with indigenous people. Here's a selection of my clippings:



"I feel wonderful about Russia"

As Canada prepares to send troops to Latvia, not everybody is ready to welcome them

National Post ・December 1, 2016


As Germany moves to right wrongs of anti-gay policies, Canada lacks plan

"At one point I had to hold myself from jumping off the roof"

The Globe and Mail ・October 12, 2016


CETA gains support of key German party, despite environmental protests

Of 10 delegates who spoke with the Financial Post, none said Freeland’s speech changed their vote

Financial Post ・September 19, 2016


In Canada's aboriginal suicide crisis, lesson on protective power of culture

In Lac Seul, an aboriginal community not unlike those with shockingly high suicide rates, a concerted effort to restore traditions is credited with raising graduation rates rise and lowering drug abuse.

Christian Science Monitor ・August 15, 2016


How Canada's Blood Tribe brought opiate overdose deaths down to zero

After a year which saw 35 people die from using opiates, the Albertan reserve has shown how a community can rally against drug abuse in the face of immense hurdles and historical trauma.

Christian Science Monitor ・July 5, 2016


For first time, Canada's indigenous flex their electoral muscles in a big way

For decades, many of Canada's Aboriginals have viewed voting in federal elections as something foreign. But that changed this year, as a newly galvanized community made their voices heard.

Christian Science Monitor ・October 23, 2015


Is Transnistria the ghost of Crimea's future?

To the west of Ukraine sits Transnistria, a tiny statelet that broke away from Moldova and is now stuck in a Soviet limbo

Christian Science Monitor ・March 5, 2014


Push-back against gay rights linked to unrest in Ukraine

A geopolitical tug of war is changing the life of LGBT people for better and worse

Daily Xtra ・February 20, 2014


A Roma village and a global struggle for justice

A ghastly crime in a Romanian village sparks mob violence against the local Roma minority, leading to an international quest for justice that stretches from a small shanty town in Eastern Europe to Toronto

Toronto Review ・February 8, 2014  


Live events

Kiev protesters hold mirrors to police - literally - as new confrontation looms

Ukraine's parliament issued new bans on anti-government demonstrations Thursday. Mirrors are just one unusual tactic protesters are deploying to prompt some soul-searching by police

Christian Science Monitor ・January 17, 2014


Pride parade in St. Petersburg met with violence, hostility

Participants of St. Petersburg’s fourth Pride parade were met by a hostile crowd that attacked them

Toronto Star ・June 30, 2013


Politics and elections

Blocked by a Berlin wall

Refugee claimants in Germany say they live in prison-like conditions, are forbidden to work and cannot travel freely

Toronto Star ・April 8, 2013


UK Independence Party gaining support in Britain

Thousands of Britons have switched from the country’s three main parties to support the UK Independence Party, which has been called Britain’s Tea Party

Toronto Star ・March 2, 2013


France turns left 

Nicolas Sarkozy concedes defeat to François Hollande in France’s presidential elections

Toronto Star ・May 6, 2012



Bucharest marks buildings likely to collapse in earthquake

Bright red signs on highrises in Romanian capital carry warning message, but that doesn’t stop people from living in them

Toronto Star ・December 8, 2012


‘Fighting for our future’: Stories from the front lines of the Ukraine protests

Young people are driving protests in Kyiv and fighting for their future

Metro News Canada ・February 5, 2014