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Student learns importance of punctuality after returning library book 10 years late

English student Joe Howell rented Oscar Wilde drama in 2006 but U of T staff reduced his fine from $2,000 to $50

Metro Toronto・November 19, 2016


Ottawa man watched as the sinkhole swallowed his van

Imagine calling your insurance company to let them know a sinkhole ate your van. That's what happened to Michel Kiwan

Metro Ottawa・June 9, 2016


Mutilation or explosion? Cow's gruesome death puzzles Alberta hamlet

Rumours of vigilantes, cults, exploding cattle and even aliens have pervaded a small Alberta hamlet since the gruesome death of a cow this month.

Calgary Herald・June 20, 2015


Calgary imam declares 'fatwa' on ISIL

Canadian imams are staring down threats from terrorist groups, as well as stigmatizing rhetoric from the federal government, to formally condemn the lure of the Islamic State group.

Calgary Herald・March 11, 2015


Budget: Whacked in the wallet as user fees rise sharply in Alberta

It will soon be more expensive to be born, drive, buy a home, smoke and die in Alberta, as the province targets pocketbooks to deal with a ballooning deficit.

Calgary Herald・March 27, 2015


Calgarian from Nepal returning to homeland to help in aid effort

Utsav Shrestha is bracing for next Tuesday, when he’ll board a plane to his native Nepal.

Calgary Herald・May 1, 2015


No policy changes for Russian LGBT refugees

Government voices support for refugees, but groups say it’s getting harder to claim asylum

Xtra ・December 19, 2013


Worlds collide for Outremont’s Hassidic population

After indifference turned to conflict, a group of Montreal neighbours have reached out to each other through the Internet

Toronto Star ・April 26, 2013


Raw milk advocate enters hunger strike after charges

Dairy farmer Michael Schmidt is on a hunger strike after his fight to legalize the sale of raw milk hit another hurdle

Toronto Star ・October 1, 2011